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venerdì, dicembre 17, 2010

e-conservation magazine - Book Releases

Sembra interessante, se a qualcuno mancassero idee per un regalo di natale...

e-conservation magazine - Book Releases: "Books will Speak Plain
A Handbook for Identifying and Describing Historical Bindings

By Julia Miller


Publisher: The Legacy Press
Publication date: 2010
Pages: 592, 374 illustrations
ISBN: 978-0-9797974-3-9
Language: English

The recent publication Books Will Speak Plain by book conservator Julia Miller is intended to give an overview of historical bindings that can assist conservators, librarians, curators and booksellers to correctly identify and describe historical books. On the long term, this study will help preserve and hopefully add to scarce information available on bookbinding style, structure and materials. Moreover, this guide will contribute to the correct appreciation of those less valued, common-looking bindings and their significance.

The book contains an extensive glossary of terms, guidelines for writing descriptions of bindings and is accompanied by a DVD with 1,471 searchable color images and captions.

In March 2008 the author received a Conservation Publication Fellowship from the Samuel H. Kress Foundation to write a book. The wonderful outcome -“Books Will Speak Plain”- is the result of many years of training, teaching, and an extensive experience and research on historical book collections.

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