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Scarica il salvaschermo sulla manipolazione dei materiali librari

Nuovamente funzionante ! è disponibile on line dal sito di patologia il salvaschermo sulla manipolazione dei materiali librari, può essere un sistema economico per l'educazione di personale e utenti, fatene buon uso ! scarica il salvaschermo

martedì, novembre 26, 2013

Conservation at the British Library gets mobile

Conservation gets mobile Conservator Ann Tomalak tells us about the new mobile conservation workstation being trialled at the British Library. Because we are a library, our books get handled and read. Inevitably, a small number get damaged, either by accident or because the materials degrade as they get older, and fall apart. In order to get items with minor damage back into use as quickly as possible, we have a Running Repairs programme for work that will only take a few hours.
Natale é vicino ogni amico é avvertito!

domenica, novembre 24, 2013

Articolo sulla sporcizia sui libri come evidenza d'uso
E ora come facciamo a decidere se é opportuno pulire?  Meditiamo gente meditiamo

venerdì, novembre 22, 2013

Applying for an internship?

Avete voglia di una internship in Inghilterra ?

Ecco i nuovi aggiornamenti dall'ICON...

Applying for an internship?: "Applications Now Open

General application guidance: Guidance Doc -read before filling in the application form

Guidance for non-UK candidates;  internship in the UK: Policy doc (only required if asked for interview)

Internship Applicants Declaration form: Declaration form (to be completed only if asked for interview)"

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martedì, novembre 19, 2013

martedì, novembre 12, 2013

Art of the Marbler - YouTube

Art of the Marbler - YouTube: ""

Non solo è un bel video di marmorizzazione ma è anche nel laboratorio di Sandy Cockerell...
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AIB-WEB - Il restauro nelle biblioteche e negli archivi : tipologie d'intervento

 "Il restauro nelle biblioteche e negli archivi : tipologie d’intervento
Corso avanzato di aggiornamento professionale (“Bibliomaster“)"
Data: Venerdi 22 novembre
Docenti: Laura Chignoli, Stefano Croce, Alice Ferroni, Rosy Lamera, Stella Sanguinetti
Luogo: Genova, Biblioteca civica Berio, via del Seminario 16, Sala Lignea “Franchini”
Orario: 10-12.30 / 14.30-16
clicca sul link per il programma completo

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lunedì, novembre 04, 2013

Board Reattachment: Cord Extensions | Current Projects



By Rachel Day
The inherent structure of a book as an object with moving parts means that the stress of use is concentrated in areas. One of the main areas where this occurs is at the joints, especially the upper joint. When the stress gets too much the covering material may split, the sewing supports may break or both of these things may happen. If this happens and the spine piece is still intact this can be a difficult thing to repair on anything other than very small books. One way, a method that may be necessary on very heavy duty volumes, is to remove the spine piece as carefully as possible and work from there. However, there is a less invasive and much quicker method of board reattachment that can be carried out with only minor disturbance to the spine; this is the process of sewing cord extensions.
Two variations on sewing cord extensions will be discussed here. The first is the less invasive but also weaker version of the technique. This treatment is the most efficacious when used either on relatively small volumes or as reinforcement over cords that are still partially intact.

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