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Scarica il salvaschermo sulla manipolazione dei materiali librari

Nuovamente funzionante ! è disponibile on line dal sito di patologia il salvaschermo sulla manipolazione dei materiali librari, può essere un sistema economico per l'educazione di personale e utenti, fatene buon uso ! scarica il salvaschermo

mercoledì, dicembre 23, 2015

Kenneth Spencer Research Library Blog » We’re gonna need a bigger box

 "We’re gonna need a bigger box

Enclosures play a very important role in the preservation of library collections by protecting fragile items from dust and fluctuations in environmental conditions, and by enabling safe and easy handling of heavy, oversized, or awkward objects. Whenever possible, standard-sized prefabricated archival enclosures are used; shelving like containers with like makes efficient use of shelf space and contributes to ease of access and retrieval. However, in all libraries and archives, especially a large academic library with very diverse collections, there are always exceptional items that do not fit into standard enclosures, and that is where we in Conservation Services are called upon to create custom-made housings."

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venerdì, dicembre 11, 2015

“To conserve or not to conserve, that is the question” | medievalbooks

From time to time this blog shows damaged manuscripts. One may be inclined to think that books are better off in pristine condition. However, Karin Scheper, conservator at the University Library Leiden, explains why it is sometimes better to leave a book be. Here is an intriguing guest post about useful disrepair and the upsides of damage. Enjoy! Erik Kwakkel"

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mercoledì, dicembre 09, 2015

A tale of twisting threads | Chester Beatty Conservation

Mentre noi siamo ancora a decidere se conservare o no i fili staccati ecco cosa succede alla Chester Beatty :

A tale of twisting threads | Chester Beatty Conservation: "

A tale of twisting threads

With this post, we’d like to take the opportunity to welcome our new intern, Cécilia Duminuco. As we mentioned back in May, our internship programme is celebrating its 10thyear, and we’re very happy that Cécilia has joined our team in this anniversary year. We hope you enjoy hearing about Cécilia’s work prior to joining the CBL Conservation team.
Before starting my internship at the Chester Beatty Library this November, I completed an MA research project at West Dean College, University of Sussex, in the U.K.
My research developed in collaboration with the Heritage section of the Maurits Sabbe Bibliotheek at the Catholic University of Leuven (Theology Faculty) in Belgium. I studied the sewing threads and sewing structures of twenty-four manuscripts and printed books from Western Europe, ranging from the 12th to the early 19th century, by means of two methods: visual assessments and Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) with a Microdome, a digitisation tool created by the Catholic University of Leuven.


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martedì, dicembre 01, 2015

Book Conservator | ICCROM

"Book Conservator
New York Society Library, United States

Job location: New York

More info: URL

The New York Society Library seeks qualified candidates for the permanent full or part-time position of Book Conservator. The Book Conservator will participate in all activities carried out by the lab including but not limited to item-level conservation treatment of materials held in both the Rare Book and circulating collections of the library; collection-level preservation projects and library exhibition setup responsibilities including but not limited to book cradle construction, signage and installation.

The Book Conservator can expect to work closely with colleagues in the library, including curatorial, reference, cataloging and public services staff, while carrying out lab activities. Although bench work will be a primary focus of this position, the Book Conservator should be prepared to spend some time also promoting the lab by way of conducting tours and arranging workshops for library members that are geared towards both adults and children."

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