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Nuovamente funzionante ! è disponibile on line dal sito di patologia il salvaschermo sulla manipolazione dei materiali librari, può essere un sistema economico per l'educazione di personale e utenti, fatene buon uso ! scarica il salvaschermo

giovedì, maggio 11, 2017

Memories of Chris Clarkson | The Book & Paper Gathering

Questa volta presento anche qualcosa di mio ho pubblicato insieme a Bernard Allen una piccola riflessione su Chris come insegnante

"Memories of Chris Clarkson

Posted on Thursday 11th May, 2017 by thebookandpapergathering
“Haven’t you heard of the Stanley 99E?” With this question and its accompanying gesture (and tad naughty smile), Christopher Clarkson once plainly dismissed the arguably decent utility knife I was offering him to take a sample of leather from a full skin. This anecdote may give an idea of how, for Mr Clarkson, nothing but the best was good enough when it came to his professional practice and its means.

Christopher Clarkson, “the pre-eminent conservator of medieval manuscripts and early printed books” as Nicholas Pickwoad describes him in his obituary, passed away on 31 March. Here, a former student and a former colleague share their reflections on Chris’ attitude towards his life and craft, and how the former was devoted to the quest for excellence in the latter.  Salvador Alcántara Peláez, The Gathering"


Memories of Chris Clarkson | The Book & Paper Gathering:

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mercoledì, maggio 10, 2017

Journal of Paper Conservation special issue in memory of Christopher Clarkson - call for papers - - Gmail

Journal of Paper Conservation special issue in memory of Christopher Clarkson - call for papers

Christopher Clarkson, pre-eminent conservator, scholar of the book and educator in the field has passed away on Thursday March 30th, 2017. IADA would like to dedicate a special issue of the Journal of Paper Conservation to Clarkson and his work.

We would like to acknowledge and commemorate Clarkson’s scholarly and innovative contributions to the conservation of medieval manuscripts, early printed books and his deep knowledge in history of book-bindings. All members of the conservation community and associated fields who have worked or
trained with Clarkson or have been inspired by his influential work are invited to submit papers relating to his research and practice, as well as recollections of mutual projects and experiences. Past unpublished interviews and seminal writings by Clarkson would also be welcome.

For any queries please contact special guest editor Rhea DeStefano:
Submissions should be emailed to:
Deadline for submission 15 July 2017

Ligatus Summer School 2017 | Ligatus Summer School

Ligatus Summer School 2017

Apply online by clicking here.
25-29 September 2017 and 2-6 October 2017
The Ligatus Summer School is to be hosted this year in Norwich, UK, by the Cathedral Library, located on the upper floor of the north range of the cloister. The historic collections contain the Dean and Chapter’s Library of mostly printed books from the fifteenth century onwards, augmented by the long-term deposit of the parish libraries of Swaffham, given to Swaffham Parish church by the family of the historian Henry Spelman in the early eighteenth century and that of Great Yarmouth, with a significant collection of 16th and 17th-century books.
The classes will be held within the historic library itself, and in the first week there will be in addition a one-day visit to Cambridge University Library to examine a selection of Byzantine and Islamic bindings and in the second week visits to the National Trust libraries at Blickling Hall and Felbrigg Hall. Blickling Hall houses the collection of the bibliophile and scholar Sir Richard Ellys (died 1742), the finest library in the National Trust portfolio and a library of international importance, with finely bound copies of books from the fifteenth century until Ellys’s death, with some later additions. Felbrigg Hall, the sixteenth-century home of the Wyndham family has an outstanding collection of books accumulated by the family over three centuries.
click here for more... Ligatus Summer School 2017 | Ligatus Summer School:

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lunedì, maggio 08, 2017

BNCF - ATTIVAZIONE DI N. 2 TIROCINI NON CURRICULARI per restauro di volumi antichi e moderni

Attenzione la scadenza è a breve


La Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze intende attivare n. 2 tirocini non curriculari, finalizzati ad agevolare le scelte professionali mediante la conoscenza diretta del mondo del lavoro quale esperienza formativa orientativa o professionalizzante, non costituente rapporto di lavoro.
Il tirocinio ha per oggetto il restauro con smontaggio e senza smontaggio di volumi antichi e moderni. La domanda di ammissione alla selezione (candidatura all’offerta) dovrà essere effettuata tramite il portale del Centro per l’Impiego di Firenze consultando la sezione offerte di lavoro e compilando il modulo on line, previa registrazione, entro 21 giorni dalla data di pubblicazione dell’offerta di tirocinio

cliccare per maggiori informazioni BNCF - per restauro di volumi antichi e moderni:

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