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giovedì, maggio 11, 2017

Memories of Chris Clarkson | The Book & Paper Gathering

Questa volta presento anche qualcosa di mio ho pubblicato insieme a Bernard Allen una piccola riflessione su Chris come insegnante

"Memories of Chris Clarkson

Posted on Thursday 11th May, 2017 by thebookandpapergathering
“Haven’t you heard of the Stanley 99E?” With this question and its accompanying gesture (and tad naughty smile), Christopher Clarkson once plainly dismissed the arguably decent utility knife I was offering him to take a sample of leather from a full skin. This anecdote may give an idea of how, for Mr Clarkson, nothing but the best was good enough when it came to his professional practice and its means.

Christopher Clarkson, “the pre-eminent conservator of medieval manuscripts and early printed books” as Nicholas Pickwoad describes him in his obituary, passed away on 31 March. Here, a former student and a former colleague share their reflections on Chris’ attitude towards his life and craft, and how the former was devoted to the quest for excellence in the latter.  Salvador Alcántara Peláez, The Gathering"


Memories of Chris Clarkson | The Book & Paper Gathering:

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