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Scarica il salvaschermo sulla manipolazione dei materiali librari

Nuovamente funzionante ! è disponibile on line dal sito di patologia il salvaschermo sulla manipolazione dei materiali librari, può essere un sistema economico per l'educazione di personale e utenti, fatene buon uso ! scarica il salvaschermo

lunedì, ottobre 07, 2013

Here’s looking at you kid: Under the microscope with leather - Collection Care blog

"Here’s looking at you kid: Under the microscope with leather

We recently posted about parchment and how our conservators treat parchment collection items, but what is the difference between leather and parchment?

Parchment and leather are both made from animal pelts, but parchment does not undergo tanning as leather does. The process of tanning traditionally used tannin which is an acidic chemical compound making material less prone to decomposition - including molting and holding odours. Good leather is waterproof and more durable than parchment. These properties have led to leather being used for clothing, footwear, upholstery, armour, and as a writing material. Book bindings are sometimes covered with leather and display a grain pattern where follicles are observed. Follicles are mammalian skin organs that produce hair, and variations in their distribution and frequency can help researchers determine the species of animal used. Variations in texture, colour, and thickness of leather also offer clues."
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