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giovedì, maggio 08, 2014

Adapt and Evolve : Conference 2015 | Icon Book and Paper Group

Adapt & evolve : East Asian materials and techniques in Western conservation


from 08 April 2015 to 10 April 2015
Organized by:
Icon Book & Paper Group, United Kingdom
Location of event: London, United Kingdom
Description :
This conference aims to explore the introduction, formalisation and evolution of East Asian materials and techniques that have become part of paper conservation practice across the globe. During the conference, speakers and delegates will look into how these practices, materials and techniques have been adapted and developed within the conservation of Western book and paper collections. The conference will draw together key speakers from across the international conservation community, providing delegates with a fresh view of current research into materials and techniques borrowed from Japan, China, Taiwan and Korea. The conference will provide opportunities for delegates to take part in practical workshops and will feature a wide variety of trade stalls, including papermakers from East Asia. The two-day conference will be proceeded by a day of studio visits where delegates will have an opportunity for to book into pre-arranged tours of conservation studios in London.
Registration for the conference will open in August 2014
Call for papers to be published April 2014
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