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lunedì, luglio 13, 2015

My Collection Care: Rare books collection shelf mark and barcode problems

Rare books collection shelf mark and barcode problems

labels on rare collections (Books, Manuscripts, documents, photo albums ..etc) are glued on these objects and after some time it cause damage to the original  binding material this damages mostly is irreversible damages most of the time.

On this blog i will try to share my last few years experience thinking and trying to deal with those labels for the rare books collections, some methods was effective and safe, and some are not, as we always considering reversibility of any techniques we use on rare objects.

Rare books labelling in libraries
(A) A 18th century binding damaged with new archival label 
Labelling recommendation for modern and new archival materials (books, magazines ... etc) :
  • For general collections acceptable acid free book labels are available from library suppliers.
  • Alternatively, use a soft pencil if it is absolutely essential to label the inside of a book cover directly.
in fig(A) a 18 century binding is damaged by irreversible transparent tap that has been add to the spine joint with the upper and lower cover for keeping it's shelf mark label stable as possible (from the Liberian point of view).
after many times of use and handling, this transparent taps left causing a damage to the original leather.


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