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Scarica il salvaschermo sulla manipolazione dei materiali librari

Nuovamente funzionante ! è disponibile on line dal sito di patologia il salvaschermo sulla manipolazione dei materiali librari, può essere un sistema economico per l'educazione di personale e utenti, fatene buon uso ! scarica il salvaschermo

martedì, aprile 20, 2010

BBC World News - The Lost Libraries Of Timbuktu

BBC World News - The Lost Libraries Of Timbuktu

The Lost Libraries Of Timbuktu
Aminatta Forna tells the story of legendary Timbuktu and its long hidden legacy of hundreds of thousands of ancient manuscripts
0910 GMT Saturday 17th April
Repeated: Saturday at 2110 GMT. Sunday 18th at 0210 and 1510 GMT
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Timbuktu: once a desert trading post, it grew into a golden city which gained World Heritage status in 1988


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During the last 30 years some 20 libraries have been set up to house collections of books and manuscripts written by the city's ancestors. In fact, it is estimated that over 700,000 of Timbuktu's manuscripts survive from its university libraries, some dating back to the 13th Century.

This weekend author Aminatta Forna travels to the beautiful landscapes of Timbuktu in a quest to discover Africa's oldest literature and find out why its preservation matters.

Along the way, she meets the local people responsible for bringing it to world attention and questions just how different Africa might be if Timbuktu's literacy had flourished across the land.
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