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mercoledì, giugno 15, 2011

Preservation Stewardship of Library Collections | California Rare Book School

Preservation Stewardship of Library Collections | California Rare Book School: "Preservation Stewardship of Library Collections

Current faculty: Mark Roosa
Years taught: 2007 – 2011

Description: An introduction to the principles and practices of contemporary library preservation with an emphasis on building practical and well-balanced programs which promote the responsible stewardship of analog and digital collections. Topics to be covered include: the physical characteristics of library materials, factors affecting collections and control strategies, assessing needs and setting priorities, and development and management of program components. Special emphasis will be placed on the role of science in preservation, conservation, analog and digital reformatting, life-cycle management of digital content, and the exhibition of rare materials. Both theoretical and practical approaches to library preservation will be explored, as will strategies for aligning a library’s preservation program with institutional goals and priorities. Participants will visit select libraries, preservation departments, and laboratories in the Los Angeles area and will hear from leading preservation practitioners.

Requirements: In their personal statement, applicants should provide a brief description of their library or preservation experience, the nature of their interest in this course, and specific topics or issues they would like to see addressed.
Course History

2007: Mark Roosa teaches this course for the first time.

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