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martedì, settembre 27, 2011

Book and Paper Conservation-Restoration: Publications

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New Approaches to Book and Paper Conservation - Restoration

edited by Patricia Engel, Joseph Schirò, René Larsen, Elissaveta Moussakova and Istvan Kecskeméti

This book summarizes the needs for further research in the field of book and paper conservation and represents an understanding of this task under the current state of affairs and from the most comprehensive point of view possible. Librarians, archivists, heads of print and drawing collections, conservators and historians as well as art historians and natural scientists have all been consulted in an attempt to discover what exactly is needed to safeguard our written cultural heritage.

New Approaches to Book and Paper Conservation‑Restoration, edited by Patricia Engel, Joseph Schirò, René Larsen, Elissaveta Moussakova and Istvan Kecskeméti, Wien/Horn: Verlag Berger 2011, XXIV, 748 pp., ISBN 978-3-85028-518-6; 2. Auflage, second edition, 42,– Euro — available at Verlag Berger


Ursula Schädler-Saub

Theoretical Fundamentals in the Conservation and Restoration of Books: How Helpful are the ­Theories of Alois Riegl and ­Cesare Brandi in Practice?

Maria da Conceição Lopes Casanova

What do We Need? Education, Ethics, New Values or a ­Different Perception for the Profession?

Weronika Liszewska

Aesthetics and Principles of Paper and Book ­Conservation-Restoration

Ingeborg Ullrich

Expiry Date: Unknown – The Experimental Use of Material in Artists’ Book and Installation Art

Erich Renhart and Manfred Mayer

Searching for Traces: Fragments of Former Manuscripts

Nicholas Pickwoad

Library or Museum? The Future of Rare Book Collections and its Consequences for Conservation and Access

Spiros Zervos and Dimitra Barmpa

Investigating the Causes of Paper Strength Loss after Aqueous Treatments

Salvador Muñoz Viñas

The Pleural System. An Innovative Approach to Flattening and Lining Large Paper Sheets

Petra Vávrová, Petr Kotlík, Michal Ďurovič and Vlasta Brezová

Damage to Paper Due to Visible Light Irradiation and Post-Radiation Effects after Two Years of Storage in Darkness

Penelope Banou, Dimitra Barmpa, Maria Giannikou, Giorgos Giannoulis, Ourania Kanakari, Dionisis Roussos and Aggeliki Stassinou

Archival Records of the New Independent Greek State (mid 19th Century). Where History, Paper Technology and Preservation Meet

Manfred Schreiner and Helmgard Holle

Using X-ray Radiography in the Documentation of ­Watermarks on Paper

Joseph Schirò

Copying Presses

Elżbieta Jabłońska

Wax Tablets in Polish Collections – Issues Concerning the State of Preservation and Restoration

René Larsen, Dorte Vestergaard Poulsen Sommer and ­Kathleen Mühlen Axelsson

Scientific Approach in Conservation and Restoration of Leather and Parchment Objects in Archives and Libraries

Myriam Krutzsch

Is there a Chance to Safe Egyptian Texts on Leather?

Igor Kozjak and Mirela Leskovac

The Influence of Hydrothermal and UV Treatment on Properties of Leather Used in Book Conservation

Jedert Vodopivec

Census and Analysis of Slovene Medieval Codices

Theresa Zammit Lupi

Volume 8 of the Grand Master L’Isle Adam Manuscript Collection: an Example of Degradation and Pre-treatment Testing

Zsuzsanna Tóth, Orsolya Koppán, Judit Papp and Marianne Érdi

Restoration of a Unique Hungarian Medieval Codex Based on Results of Recent International Research and on a New ­Restoration Technique

Karin Scheper

Refining the Classification of Islamic Manuscript Structures

Rodica-Mariana Ion, Sanda Maria Doncea and Mihaela-Lucia Ion

Nanomaterials for Chemical and Biological Restoration of Old Books

Rumyana Decheva

Preserving the Original Structure of the Medieval Codex ­During Conservation

Jolanta Czuczko and Małgorzata Pronobis-Gajdzis

Nineteenth Century Book – Underestimated Beauty

Ekaterina Yu. Andreeva and Svetlana A. Dobrusina

Safe Keeping Assessment of Ancient Slavonic Manuscripts

Irina A. Guzner and Andrej Yu. Borodikhin

Results of the National Programme – A Complex System of Conservation in Siberia

Mariana Lucia Nesfantu

The Romanian National Library Centre for Pathology and ­Restoration of Documents – Perspectives and Development Needs

Gayane Eliazyan

Written Heritage Conservation and Restoration in the ­Matenadaran

Abdur Rasheed

Recent Trends in Book and Paper Conservation

Maja Krtalić, Iva Gobić Vitolović and Damir Hasenay

Possibilities, Perspectives and Obstacles in Book and Paper Conservation-Restoration Research: Example of Croatia

Eduard Zaloshnja and Ivan Loli

For a New Policy in the Conservation of Documents

Istvan Kecskeméti

Managing Archival Collections for Digitisation: Experience from Two Projects of 1.55 and 2.07 Million €

Simone Pentzien, Andrea Conradi, Robert Koter and Jörg Krüger

Cleaning of Soiled Paper Model Samples Using Short and Ultrashort Laser Pulses

Florian Kleber, Markus Diem, Fabian Hollaus, ­Martin Lettner, Robert Sablatnig, Melanie Gau and Heinz Miklas

Technical Approaches to Manuscript Analysis and ­Reconstruction

John Havermans

Gamma Disinfection of Ligno Cellulose Historical Collections

Flavia Pinzari, Federica Troiano, Guadalupe Piñar, Katja Sterflinger and Matteo Montanari

The Contribution of Microbiological Research in the Field of Book, Paper and Parchment Conservation

Erna Pilch-Karrer

Needs for Paper Research: Now We All Need to Buy SurveNIRs

Dirk Andreas Lichtblau

SurveNIR – a Non-destructive Evaluation of Material ­Conditions in Conservation, Actual and Potential Use

Marina Bicchieri, Michela Monti, Giovanna Piantanida and Armida Sodo

Applied Research and Critical Approach: The Proper Way to Deal with “Real” Library Heritage

Halina Rosa, Alicja Strzelczyk, Elżbieta Jabłońska, Tomasz Kozielec and Joanna Karbowska Berent

Study of the Adaptation of Bio Cellulose ­Nano-Fibers for the Restoration of Historical Paper, Parchment and Textiles

Samantha Sheesley

Lascaux Acrylic Adhesives Applied to Paper Conservation

Izabela Zając and Władysław Sobucki

Use of WEICON “Sealant & Adhesive Remover” in the ­Conservation Process of “Lindley’s Plans”

Mehmet Konuklar

Using the Triple Mixture of Methylcellulose, Carboxymethylcellulose and Nano-Micro Calcium Hydroxide Particles for Paper Conservation

Yuriy I. Aristov, Ivan S. Glaznev and Larisa G. Gordeeva

ARTIC – A New Family of Humidity Buffers for Libraries and Archives

Alena Maková, Jarmila Mináriková and Zuzana Szabóová

Comparison of Fixing Agents for Inks Before ­Application of Aqueous Neutralization-Stabilization Treatments on ­Paper Support

Benjamin Bartl, Petr Kotlík, Michal Ďurovič and ­Bronislava Bacílková

Working more Effectively with Bacillus amyloliquefaciens α-amylase

Abbas Hosseini

The Story of Reproducing of Shâhnâmeh Baysonghouri

Reni Marcheva-Kanova

Preservation of the Library and Archive Collections – Care by Different Specialists


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