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lunedì, marzo 04, 2013

Book and Paper Conservation-Restoration: European Research Centre

Book and Paper Conservation-Restoration: European Research Centre

Horn II conference -From Microorganisms to Mega-organisms
Date 23rd -25th April 2014
Place Horn, Austria
Organizer: European Research Centre for Book and Paper Conservation-Restoration
The program committee welcomes original contributions on the following example topics:
 of the use of biocides & disinfection,
 the use of biocides and the monitoring of the effects on materials (The topics can also include the
possibility of launching a sort of web archive of data on treated collections and objects and on the best
methods that can be used in monitoring (i.e. colour coordinates, pH, etc.).
 safe keeping assessment and database description of old manuscripts and their bookbindings. Topics may
also include how our knowledge of the bookbinding structures and our appreciation of their historic (but
also artistic) values conditions and guides our approach to their conservation and at the same time how
the conservation of bookbindings actually enhances and improves our understanding of historic
bookbinding structures. Through conservation a very privileged insight can be gained into the structures
and techniques that would otherwise remain unnoticed.
 document safe keeping assessment and database description of old manuscripts and their bookbindings
 methods of investigations and related to them, practical issues of assessing the real physical state of
manuscript and archive collections.
 safeguarding of electronic data - The storage strategies of digitised images (from books, documents,
photographs, all cultural historic paper heritage) - importance of digitisation in the preservation of
 conservation of born digital archives, and even the very digital databases that every library, museum and
archive are producing
 digital library concerning the topic (book and paper conservation, restoration, preservation) in the
internet - theory readiness of preservation in Europe.
 Multi Lingual Bibliography Network – present state and future
 Innovative conservation treatments or New and old cleaning and reducing treatments
 Other areas of research
European Research Center for Book and Paper Conservation – Restoration Bankverbindung:
A-3580 Horn, Wiener Straße 2, Kunsthaus Sparkasse Horn-Ravelsbach-Kirchberg AG
BLZ: 20221 | Konto-Nr.: 07200012909
IBAN: AT962022107200012909 | BIC: SPHNAT21
Paper submission
Authors are kindly invited to submit papers: preferably abstracts of about 2 pages in a 12-point font.
All paper submissions will be handled electronically. Authors should please email their abstract to
Prof. Dr. Jedert.Vodopivec ( or Dr. Georgios Boudalis (
The deadline for submissions is 30th April 2013
Process of Selection
The conference board will evaluate papers and suggested panels based on quality and relevance.
A preprint will be published, therefore a deadline is set on 30th July 2013 for handing in the final
After your paper will be selected we will ask for short CVs of all authors and co-authors.
The language will be English.
Registration for the conference will open in August 2013.
Joseph Schirò (Heritage Malta, Malta) Elissaveta Moussakova (Method and Cyril Library, Sofia, Bulgaria) István Kecskeméti (State Archive, Helsinki, Finland) Marzenna Ciechanska (Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw, Poland) Jedert Vodopivec (University and Archives of the Republic of Slovenia, Ljubljana Slovenia) Georgios Boudalis (Byzantine Museum, Thessaloniki, Greece)
Flavia Pinzari (Istituto Centrale per il Restauro e la Conservazione del Patrimonio Archivistico e Librario Laboratorio di Biologia, Rome, Italy)
Rodica Ion (ICECHIM, Bucharest and Valahia University, Targoviste, Romania)
Patricia Engel (European Research Centre for Book and Paper Conservation-Restoration, Horn, Austria)

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