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lunedì, marzo 11, 2013

Petition Greek Conservation Department at stake

Petition Greek Conservation Department at stake: "Greek Conservation Department at stake"

Please sign the petition below.

Greek Conservation Department at stake.

For Greek please scroll down – Για Eλληνικά παρακαλώ διαβάστε παρακάτω.

The future of the Department for the Protection and Conservation of Cultural Heritage of the Technological Educational Institute of the Ionian Islands is currently at stake. The department, located on the island of Zakynthos (Zante) was founded in 2008 as the second only tertiary educational institute in Greece offering an undergraduate conservation course for the much needed attention of our rich cultural heritage.
The department in its short history has managed to establish a superbly equipped conservation unit in state-of-the-art facilities, able to support the training of students in six purpose-built labs in a recently inaugurated building. The four year program offers training on the conservation of organic, inorganic and modern materials. 
Our analytical laboratories are better equipped than most conservation facilities in the country and include XRF, XRD, Raman Spectroscopy, GC-MS Chromatography, FTIR, Laser Cleaner, etc, able to conduct high standard conservation research, promoting the science and conservation of artifacts internationally.
However, the Greek Ministry of Education, has struck our department unjustly and without reasoning and by the end of the academic year it will be shut down, leading our staff to immediate unemployment and hundreds of students without a future to their studies. 
The closure of our department is yet another strike towards the conservation profession. In the last years, courses throughout Europe are being shut, the level of training is compromised and jobs in museums, libraries and institutions are being cut down fiercely, jeopardizing the future of our cultural heritage.
We need your help and hopefully through this petition to prevent the closure of this important academic institution and to help the future of conservation training in Greece.

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