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venerdì, agosto 20, 2010

Leather Conservation Centre

"The Leather Conservation Centre is currently undertaking research
into acid deterioration of leather (commonly known as red rot) in
conjunction with The University of Northampton. This is a Knowledge
Transfer Project partially funded by the UK Government through the
Technology Strategy Board. The aims are to extend the current
understanding on acid-deterioration in leather and to develop a
conservation treatment for leather which has red rot.

To carry out the trials and experiments in order to develop a
product we require historical leather samples with or without
acid-deterioration. It would be much appreciated if you could send
us any discarded leather samples to help us with the project to the
address given below.

We are also looking for leather samples of unusual or exotic species
to extend our training collection. If you have any which you are
happy to donate to us please send us to the same address.

Yvette A. Fletcher BA Hons, MA, ACR
Head of Conservation
The Leather Conservation Centre
University Campus
Boughton Green Road
Northampton NN2 7AN
United Kingdom
+44 1604 719766

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