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venerdì, agosto 13, 2010

Deacidification and washing of Paper
Campbell Center for Historic Preservation Studies
October 4-8, 2010

Instructors: Susan Russick and Hal Erickson

Cost: $1425.00
Includes all course materials, lodging and most meals

AIC scholarships of $300 may still be available.

Course Description: After a day of chemistry fundamentals, lecture
and laboratory sessions will provide mid-career conservators with
both theoretical chemical mechanisms and practical experience
related to washing and de-acidifying paper artifacts. The course
will focus on the topics of pH, water purity, a comparison of
neutralizing and de-acidifying chemicals (with emphasis on calcium
hydroxide, magnesium, bicarbonate, and ammonium hydroxide); issues
associated with washing iron gall inks; anticipated results of
aqueous de-acidification methods, and discussion of non-aqueous and
mass de-acidification methods. Participants will get hands-on
experience washing and de-acidifying sample materials using a
variety of methods.

To register for the course go to:

Sharon Welton
Program Director
Campbell Center for Historic Preservation Studies
Mount Carroll Illinois

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