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venerdì, agosto 13, 2010

The Use of Bleaching Techniques on Paper Conservation
Campbell Center for Historic Preservation Studies
September 27-October 1, 2010

Instructors: Renate Mesmer and Julie Biggs

Cost: $1275.00
Includes all course materials, lodging and most meals

AIC scholarships of $300 may be available.

This program is designed for mid-career conservators. Instructor
approval is required for admittance into this course.

Course Description: A variety of different bleaching methods can be
used to treat discolored and stained paper. There are cases where
bleaching may be the only way to achieve an acceptable degree of
legibility or visibility of an artifact, or to restore an artist's
vision of a work on paper without the distraction of disfiguring
stains and discoloration. In this workshop conservators will learn a
variety of historical and contemporary bleaching methods and their
appropriate uses: light bleaching, hydrogen peroxide, calcium
hypochlorite, sodium borohydride, and borane tert-butylamine
complex. These methods will be reviewed in the context of existing
and current conservation theory, ethics, and practices. The course
will focus on practical applications of different bleaching
techniques and other non-bleaching options for stain reduction-both
localized and overall treatments. Participants will perform,
compare, and evaluate the techniques.

To register for the course go to:

Sharon Welton
Program Director
Campbell Center for Historic Preservation Studies
Mount Carroll Illinois

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