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lunedì, aprile 16, 2012

Water in Paper workshop

Water in Paper, Conservation Principles workshop

7-8 June 2012, at London Metropolitan Archives
Lecturers: Doris Müller-Hess, Hildegard Homburger
Paper mainly contains cellulose, which has the ability to absorb and desorb water. The interaction between cellulose and water influences the behaviour of the paper.  During paper production the choice of fibre material, the degree of beating and the method of drying defines the characteristics of the paper and its ability to absorb and desorb water.  During conservation treatment water is introduced into paper and removed again. In this process chemical and physical changes in the micro and macro structures of the paper are taking place.
With the aid of the didactical material compiled by Irene Brückle and Gerhard Banik in their project ”Water and Paper”, the principles of the interaction of cellulose and water and the resulting behaviour of paper in contact with water will be explained.  Various treatment methods of humidification and washing and drying techniques - their advantages and disadvantages - will be demonstrated and discussed. The gained understanding of the principles will help to evaluate the chosen methods.
Participants: max. 16
Language: English
Course fee:  £400
To register for this workshop, please contact:
Caroline De Stefani
Studio Manager
Culture, Heritage & Libraries Department
City of London
London Metropolitan Archives
40 Northampton Road
London  EC1R 0HB
Tel. 020 7332 3863
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