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lunedì, giugno 25, 2012

[Course on parchment

Course on parchment

Understanding Parchment Manuscripts and the Book Archaeology
17-18 Nov, 2012

Archaeological approach to manuscripts has become an important
matter during conservation treatments, especially when we are
dealing with parchment codices and historical bookbindings full of
macroscopic evidences sometimes described as deterioration.

Production and reception marks are valuable contribution to build
documents uniqueness, to complement manuscripts studies and to
promote future disclosures and material preservation.

Lecturer: Ines Correia

   In 1996 Ines Correia begun to work with paper and book
   conservation, first at the Lisbon National Library and the
   National Archive of Torre do Tombo. As conservator, developed
   several technical approaches, researches and practice with
   Incunabula, prints, paper and parchment manuscripts and
   historical bookbinding. She has been also responsible for
   specific training on preservation and conservation since 1999.
   In 1997 and 2001 Ines Correia was sponsored by the Portuguese
   Orient Foundation to make survey, research and training in
   preservation in Goa, India. In 2002 she had contacted with the
   Fez and Rabat librarians (Morocco) and attended to survey major
   problems about documents decay in order to elaborate a
   preservation priority plan; in 2007 integrated a working group
   to project a Conservation-Lab to serve Abu Dhabi Archives and
   participated in the Spring campaign to manuscript conservation
   in a Coptic Monastery (Egypt), supported by The Levantine
   Foundation. Since 2008, usually integrates conservation networks
   as technical consultant of Medieval Codex research and recovery.

At the present time, is PhD Researcher and Senior Book Conservator
from the Conservation Department at The National Archive - Torre do

The courses fee is 220.00 Euros plus 10% VAT. Accommodation for one
night in the Renaissance building is included. The rooms are
equipped with a bathroom and toilet. A kitchen can be used to
prepare own meals, a supermarket is across the street. The school
can be reached from the rooms via a corridor, rooms and school are
in one building.

Participants: Paper/parchment/book conservators, graduated students
or medieval manuscripts researchers. Number of participants is
limited to 8. Registration:>

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