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lunedì, giugno 25, 2012

Workshop on washing and drying paper

Workshop on washing and drying paper

The Potomac Chapter of the Guild of Book Workers presents:

"Washing and Drying Paper:  Single Sheets and Textblocks"
A Workshop with Renate Mesmer
Werner Gundersheimer Conservation Lab
Folger Shakespeare Library
July 14-15, 2012
9 am - 5pm

Workshop Fee:   $200 (GBW members)/ $250 (non-members)

There are many reasons why conservators wash paper:   to remove dirt
and adhesives, relax and flatten, reduce stains, and wash away acids
and other degradation products.  This two day, hands-on workshop
will emphasize the practical aspects of washing and drying both
single sheets and bound textblocks.  A variety of washing techniques
will be covered, including blotter, float, slant-board, and full
immersion of single sheets and bound items.  We will explore which
techniques are best suited to accomplishing various treatment goals,
discuss the pros and cons of different washing solutions and examine
a number of drying methods.  Although sample objects will be
provided, participants are encouraged to bring (expendable) items of
their own for treatment as well as photographs of problem cases to


   Renate Mesmer is the Head Conservator at the Folger Shakespeare
   Library in Washington, DC, and the former Head of the Book and
   Paper Program at Centro del bel Libro in Ascona, Switzerland.
   She has a Masters degree in bookbinding from the Chamber of
   Crafts of Palatinate and gained experience in conservation
   during ten years of work as head of the conservation department
   at the Speyer State Archives in Germany

To reserve a spot in this workshop, please RSVP to
gbwpotomacchapter [at] gmail__com

Previous experience with aqueous treatment is required.
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