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giovedì, luglio 03, 2014

Ligatus Research Centre Survey

Ligatus Research Centre Survey: "Ligatus Research Centre
The Ligatus Research Centre at the University of the Arts, London produces internationally recognised research in the fields of book history and conservation.

Over the past 14 years the Centre has developed resources and tools to aid the understanding and description of the bindings on books and their condition. Many of these tools involve the application of innovative technology to organise knowledge and information so that it is easier to use.

The Centre's research has application to the growing academic field of the history of the book as the structure of books can reveal unique information about provenance, production, ownership and the book trade. Knowledge of book structures can also help to identify unique and distinctive attributes of books, the recording of which adds valuable copy-specific metadata to catalogue records.

The Centre is now investigating wider interest in its research and is developing services which will help people with the practical application of the tools and resources it has created.

This short survey takes 5 minutes to complete. Your answers will inform the future direction of the Centre's research and help to identify which services have the greatest potential to benefit the wider research community. Your participation is much appreciated.

Professor Nicholas Pickwoad
Ligatus Research Centre

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