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lunedì, gennaio 23, 2012

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Conservation of Paper: Re-examining Workshop Habits

Date: 8 - 9 October 2012
Tutor(s): Piers Townshend
Location: Tate Britain, London
Number of participants: 12
Price: £325.00

This two day course will be run in association with Tate Britain.

This course is designed to allow us to look again at some of the things that paper conservators do: dry cleaning, humidification, washing, bleaching, deacidification, enzyme use, pressing and flattening and more besides.

In 1968 Ed Ruscha made an editioned portfolio entitled Stains. It was composed of a variety of household liquids dropped onto the centres of sheets of office paper. Using this concept as a starting point, participants in this two-day course are encouraged to make two portfolios of their own. One will be filled with stains that will be preserved, the other will be of stains that are to be removed.

There will be a chance to make and use remoistenable tissue repairs for paper items that are too vulnerable to line in the conventional way.

Also we will look at the use of paper extract, and ways to dry wet books without needing to freeze dry them. The emphasis will be on trying to find ingenious ways to overcome problems. Most conservators have gaps in their knowledge. We hope that participants will enjoy explaining their own particular workshop habits, and listening to those of others.

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