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martedì, gennaio 31, 2012

new treatment for red rot « jeff peachey

new treatment for red rot
Posted in book conservation, bookbinding, bookbinding materials by Jeff Peachey on January 31, 2012

The Leather Conservation Centre (LCC) in Northhampton, UK released some details of a new treatment for red rot. It reduces acidity and stabilizes the collagen molecules. Given the crushing number of red rotted bookbindings, and current lack of treatment options beyond surface consolidation, this is promising news. It will be interesting to keep an eye on this new product. At present, this treatment is only available at LCC and they are working out details of shipping, packaging, price, shelf life, and a name.

The names of two products they currently make are SC6000 and Selladerm.

How about Rotex for this new one? Or Tor-der? (get it? red-rot in reverse?)
new treatment for red rot « jeff peachey: jeff peachey


Investigation of Acid-Deterioration in Leather Leading towards Finding a Suitable Product for Treatment

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