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lunedì, gennaio 23, 2012

International Academic Projects

International Academic Projects: Painting and Illumination in Persian and Indian Books of the 16th and 17th centuries

Date: 3 July 2012
Tutor(s): Anita Chowdry - Barbara Brend
Location: London
Number of participants: 8
Price: £135

This one-day seminar offers a close look at manuscript and album pages produced in Iran and India in the 16th and 17th Centuries from the point of view of the artists and craftsmen who created them. It offers a unique opportunity to gain first-hand experience of studio techniques with Anita Chowdry and to enjoy close-up study room viewings of treasures in at least one of the major London collections with leading specialist Barbara Brend.

The initial studio session with Anita Chowdry which will include demonstrations of techniques and handling of tools, pigments and materials, followed by visits to the collections.

This seminar may be attended as a stand-alone event, or in conjunction with the three-day practical workshop 'Practical workshop shell-gold and pigment preparation, paper-preparation and illuminated design with reference to 16th and 17th century Persian and Indian manuscript painting' which follows on from 2nd - 4th November

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